About Us

KevinLargeJ. Kevin Lacey

Kevin’s aviation career began in 1973. He earned his Private Pilots license in 1974 and repossessed his first airplane in September 1975.

He earned his Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics license in 1976 and while working as an aircraft mechanic, he went on to earn
his advanced flight ratings which ultimately led him to the cockpit of a Cessna Citation as a corporate pilot.

In the maintenance department, Kevin has served as Director of Maintenance of FAR Part 135 jet charter operators, General
Manager of a Part 145 Repair Station, earned STC’s, performed Import and Export Conformity Inspections, managed
maintenance and preservation events.

As a pilot, Kevin has flown nightly cancelled check runs, skydivers, corporate executives, executive jet charter passengers,
cargo, air ambulance, and served as Director of Operations under FAR Part 135

He has also navigated the Federal Aviation Regulations and created both a Part 135 Jet Charter Operation and a FAR Part 145
Certified Repair Station.

This unique combination of skills, experience and qualifications make Texas Air Fleet an invaluable resource for the aviation
finance community.


FAA Certificates & Ratings

Airline Transport Pilot
Type Ratings: B737, BE400, CE500, DA10, DA20, LR-Jet, MU300
Single Engine Seaplane & Certified Flight Instructor
Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization



Gary Cobb

By profession, Gary is involved in the computer micro chip industry and his passion is noodling with most things mechanical.
With a sense of adventure and a little McGuiver intuition, Gary thrives on providing tactical and logistical support for the
repossession operations.